Beninanko 5-year-aged premium Bundle


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Kishu Umeshu “Beninanko” (720ml) x3

◆ The 5-year-aged Premium Umeshu with 100% Nanko Ume from Wakayama.

“Tenma Tenjin Umeshu Competition” is the largest umeshu competition in Japan started in 2007. At the first competition, “Kishu Umeshu Beninanko” won the Grand Prix over its competitors across the nation.

“Beninanko-ume” is a variety of Nanko-ume grown in Wakayama whose green surface is tinged with bright vermilion from sunlight. This tinge is found only on the fruits that receive abundant sunlight on the trees; Beninanko is a very rare and precious type of ume, traded only in high-end markets. Also because Beninanko-ume can only be harvested in years with good weather, they become so valuable in rainy and cloudy years, making its shipment impossible. In comparison with regular green ume, the fruits of Beninanko-ume have a peach-like fragrance. Kishu Umeshu “Beninanko” is made only with Beninanko-ume; a generous amount of fruits (1.5 times more ume fruits based on our calculation) are steeped to produce this umeshu.

【How to drink we recommend】
On the rocks, straightly, with soda.

Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

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